Thursday, December 7, 2017

Connect Four (1998)

Today, Oliver won a best-of-five series of Connect Four (3-2) against Dad. Ollie quickly won the first two. Dad was able to tie it up, but Ollie won game five very quickly.

In Connect Four, each player takes turns putting one of their colored pieces in a grid, trying to make four of them line up. Lines can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Winner's tips: Ollie says, "Always start in the middle."

Review: 3 pips - It's OK!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sorry! Retro Series (2014)

Today, Dad won a best-of-three series (2-1) against Oliver in Sorry! Ollie won the first game. After Dad won the second game, he used his "Leader" status to steal Ollie's yellow pawns for the final game. We never realized the winner became Leader in "Sorry!" The Leader gets to pick his or her color first.

"Sorry!" is a game where two to four players race their pawns around the board. Their moves are determined by cards. The cards allow a variety of interesting moves with the most notable being the title "Sorry!" card. It allows a player to take an opponent's pawn's position, sending that pawn back to start.

Winner's tips: 1 - You should always try to move backwards from the starting position to skip going around the board. 2 - Dad tries to move one pawn at a time as quickly as possible around the board into the safety zone.

Rating: 5 pips - Dad really likes "Sorry!" even though it has a tendency to make people fight (Ollie is not helping with this post).

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tic Stac Toe (2015)

Today, Dad (O's) won a best-of-seven (4 to 1) against Ollie (X's) in "Tic Stac Toe."

This game is like a three-dimensional "Connect Four." Players need to make a line of four X's or O's to win. Lines can be vertical, horizontal or even diagonal. It is really another game we will play someday called "Score Four."

"Tic Stac Toe" is a cool name and gimmick, but the pieces in this version aren't made very well.



Winner's tips: Dad starts every turn with defense. Think about what your opponent is trying to do. If you are safe, you can work on your own line. Ollie was able to win one game by having two ways to win in one turn. Dad could only block one of the moves.

Review: 4 pips - We liked it, but "Score Four" is better.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Who's Behind the Door? (2013)

Today, Dad won a best-of-five (3 to 1) against Ollie in "Who's Behind the Door."

This game is like "Guess Who," but there is a door in the middle. Each player picks a card with a monster and puts it on their side of the door. Players ask each other questions about the other player's monster to figure out which one they have. Whoever guesses the other person's monster first wins and gets to push a button which flips the door around revealing the other person's card.

Winner's tips: Dad's first questions are about how many eyes the monster has. There are only 16 monsters, and only 8 of them have exactly two eyes.

Review: 4 pips - We liked it

Monday, November 20, 2017

Don't Go To Jail (1991)

Today, Oliver swept a best-of-three against Dad in "Don't Go To Jail."

This game is much quicker than regular Monopoly. Each player rolls a cup of ten dice. Three of the dice can reveal the phrase "Go to jail," with one of the words on each die. The rest of the dice have symbols to represent each of the properties on the original Monopoly board. The goal each turn is to roll as many "monopolies" as possible without going to jail. If a player rolls the phrase "go to jail," their turn is over with no points scored. Everyone takes turns until someone scores a predetermined amount to win.

Winner's Tips: Oliver says that it's all about luck and not going to jail. Stay out of jail by stopping when you have rolled one or two of the words. This depends on how many points you have earned and also how many points you risk losing by rolling again.

Review: 6 pips - We want to keep this game in our collection!